Saturday, February 14, 2009

Something Different...

People celebrate different things in different ways. The Lincoln Bicentennial this week showed us numerous commemorations throughout the country. There were many speeches, countless lectures, and plenty of ongoing exhibits. However, just this morning, I saw a form of commemoration I'd never thought I would witness. Believe it or not, Marvel Comics too is celebrating the Lincoln Bicentennial...

Yes, Spiderman and Captain America witness the Gettysburg Address in "Gettysburg Distress." I couldn't help but laugh at seeing our 16th president in his superhero mode as Spidey and the Captain look on in amazement. You can view the whole six page comic online for free here beginning on Feb. 16th. Well, that's one way to get kids to learn. As I said, people celebrate in different ways...


  1. That is HILARIOUS!

  2. Jared:

    This is great! You made me smile, again. Bring your lastest works to the writing festival for sale. We are already getting some free publicity.

    All my best==