Thursday, February 26, 2009

Three Months to go...

Three months from today, three other interns and myself will begin our training at Gettysburg National Military Park. It is so close yet so far away. Three months may seem like a short time to many, however, I suspect most of you don't have two and a half months of College Algebra left in that time period! Ah! Oh well, we all have trials and tribulations to put up with until we are rewarded.

I just recently discovered who my fellow interns will be. One is from Yale, one from Scranton University, and a fellow Penn Stater. In fact, the intern from Scranton is a graduate student who also went to Penn State. We feel bad for the Yale student who will have to put up with us Nittany Lions!

The four us will be living in what is known as the "Welcome Traveler," a nice brick home not far from the 10th Maine Battalion Monument. Most of the 10th Maine mustered out early in 1863 at the end of their enlistments, but enough men had signed up for three years service to reorganize as a three company battalion. It was commanded at Gettysburg by Captain John Davis Beardsley, a sawmill owner from Woodstock, ME who had enlisted along with all his mill hands. Assigned to provost guard duty, the group saw no heavy action, if any. Nevertheless, everybody has a monument at Gettysburg!

I may be working with the Living History coordinator at the park, but await more information. Barb Sanders, our Education and Intern coordinator told us we may have the opportunity to initiate our own projects and ideas into the park's events. I have some really fun ideas and hope I might be able to work on some of them during my time at Gettysburg. Eighty-eight days until the experience begins.

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