Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Look into the Past

This past July 3, there was an unprecedented reenactment in the actual streets of Gettysburg. It depicted the June 26, 1863 Confederate entrance into the town, several days before the big battle. Here, the scavenged for food, supplies, delicacies, (and yes, even shoes). Gen. Jubal Early, who Lee referred as "my bad old man," wanted "1,200 pounds of sugar, 600 pounds of coffee, 60 barrels of flour, 1,000 pounds of salt, 7,000 pounds of bacon, 10 barrels of whiskey, 10 barrels of onions, 1,000 pairs of shoes and 500 hats - or, $5,000 in cash." I attended this event with my good friends, Stan O'Donnell and his wife. There were over 1,000 Confederate reenactors in this event. The above photo shows infantrymen lined up in front of the Adams County Court House, making their demands known to the townspeople. The thing I like about these photos is that there are no modern intrusions for the most part. It's like you're really there.

The town elders await the demands of the invaders. This event was kind of unique because the modern mayor of Gettysburg portrayed the mayor of 1863 and the modern sheriff portrayed John Burns, a one time constable of the town. (However, I'm pretty sure the real John Burn was not present at such an event.) In response to the rebel demands, one said "We will open our shops and ask our citizens to give what they can."

It looks like Robert E. Lee was here too, although Lee was nowhere near Gettysburg on June 26. Oh well, I suppose some events need a major character to star in them. Or perhaps this gentleman was portraying Jubal Early? Looks like John Brown Gordon beside him, which would make sense. The building in the background is the Fahnestock Building on Baltimore Street, an observation point for Union General Oliver Otis Howard on July 1, 1863 and site of the U.S. Christian Commission in the battle's aftermath.


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