Thursday, September 10, 2009

Excellent Harpers Ferry Film

In lieu of the upcoming sesquicentennial of the John Brown Raid on Harpers Ferry, the beginning of the Civil War essentially, I thought it appropriate to share this great documentary on the history of the town and the 1859 attack led by Brown. Featured in this film are my good friends Rangers David Fox and Dennis Frye. To learn more about the upcoming commemorations at Harpers Ferry, please visit Enjoy!


  1. Jared,

    My name is Dylan and I just discovered your blog. Can't wait to read the archived entries and catch up on your G'burg experiences! My buddy and I are planning on attending a couple of John Brown-related events to kick off our sesquicentennial commemoration - a local (Frederick, MD) Civil War Roundtable presentation and the anniversary procession from the Kennedy Farm to HF. I noticed the video you posted has been removed; do you info. for that link so I can see the film? Sounds great. Thanks a ton - I look forward to future postings! -Dylan

  2. Hi Dylan. Sorry, I just found your post. The video is still available here: