Monday, February 8, 2010

Iwo Jima in "The Pacific"

I recently discovered a one minute segment from HBO's upcoming miniseries The Pacific and features the character of Marine John Basilone, a Medal of Honor recipient. This particular scene is reminiscent of the amphibious landing assaults portrayed in the recent film Flags of Our Fathers. However, I sense that this series will delve into themes and events entirely new to film. In the left corner of one of the shots, you can see the heavily fortified Mount Suribachi as the Navy F6F Hellcats drop their ordinance. I'm now reading Eugene B. Sledge's (one of the film's characters) memoir, With the Old Breed, in anticipation of this program which begins on March 14. There is much excitement in regard to this series and from what I have previewed thus far, I can certainly understand why.

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