Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pearl Harbor in the News...

In the attempt to find something different to share to commemorate the 69th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, I dug through some archives to discover a December 8, 1941 issue of the New York Times. (I wanted to share this on the actual anniversary, but my internet connection is so poor at my college apartment I can't upload photos there.) Obviously, the vast majority of articles are in regard to the attack on U.S. Naval bases, the invasion of additional Pacific Islands, and the expectation of Franklin Roosevelt to declare war that day. Japan's conquering of Guam, the Philippines, and Malaya further increased the fears of an American nation largely not suspecting war. While the front page is rife with disconcerting news reporting the actions of the new war, a subsequent page does the same but also reveals numerous Christmas ads for perfumes, wrist watches, pill boxes, and hotels. These combined articles and ads show us not only the current events of the war but also how Americans perceived the conflict and the uncertain culture in which they lived. Both of these pages can be enlarged and more easily read by clicking on the images. I would like to convey a big thank you to all who served on that "day of infamy" as well as those who finished the work in the subsequent World War.

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